Sunday, March 26, 2017


CURLING UP by a fence post is a fine way for a local raccoon to relax but for me unwinding means rewinding and untangling my thoughts with a walk in a world where unexpected bliss or misfortune can lurk around any corner.

On good and bad newsdays it's reassuring to see that cozy cottages still reside beside big old trees in some places.

Babies still enjoy fresh air from their buggies near the grayish-blue sea.

Puppies like the Golden Retriever (below) still draw oohs and ahhs from adoring crowds and ...

mysterious paths still invite walkers to explore each twist of the pebbly sand.

On good and bad newsdays birds still sing and build nests in most places ...

and weeping willows, not yet green, still dance in the breeze.

Dreams still transform onto solid ground with mortar and stone.

Smiles still greet each new day and there's plenty of joy to be found.

A leaky basket of woes also rolls around but as children's author Judy Blume once said, "Life goes on if you're one of the lucky ones."

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