Saturday, September 23, 2017

Chiming In To Make Things Better

"Live for moments you can't put into words," chimed an ornament adjacent to a railway track at Crescent Beach. The wise advice, meant to inspire, was likely put there by locals wanting to create a serene space for passersby.

The wind chimes dangled from an ornate garden arbor, barely tinkling as tanks with chemicals and loaded boxcars groaned along the track. The long string of containers blocked vehicles and walkers from going in and out of the small seaside community, a definite concern should there be an emergency.

It might take years for activists to convince people in power to reroute the track but meanwhile a kind neighbor with an artistic touch provided seating.

Hand painted panels brought a splash of colour to the chairs. In a world filled with tragic events someone, more often than not, is trying to prevent disaster, beautify, bring comfort and make things better practically or creatively.

Able to cross the track after some twenty minutes, I spotted a strange creature holding a guitar. What could be cozier than a giant moss-covered teddy bear? This unique interpretation of wildlife wasn't alone.

A beaver drummer and bird songstress (below) completed a distinctly patriotic Canadian band. Since there wasn't an explanation as to why they were there, I assumed the soundless musicians were designed to delight and bring wordless moments to onlookers, who like me, were passing by.

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Yes You Can Lead A Horse To Water

ANIMAL LOVERS know that best friends aren't always human. I spent countless hours imagining my own horse as a girl. This graceful creature with soulful eyes and long swishing tail was my perfect companion and confidant, galloping us off into great adventures. Since my opportunities to ride (let alone own) a horse were limited, I could only pretend, unlike the youngsters I recently spotted at Crescent Beach. Content at their slow pace, horses and riders were mirrored in pools of water and made inky shadows on the beach floor for SHADOW SHOT SUNDAY, WEEKEND REFLECTIONS and CAMERA CRITTERS.

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Ball Of Fire

"If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm," Frank Lane

NORMALLY you wouldn't view the sun directly but last Tuesday morning the atmosphere bordered on apocalyptic so I had to look. The orb's glow was blunted by a smoky haze that settled eerily, yet again, over Greater Vancouver, resulting from persistent forest fires in the interior of BC and nearby Washington. Air quality was poor and pungent, although not as grungy as the camera made it seem in my first two photos. Before going indoors I captured the bubbling, boiling, true blood-plasma colours of the sun for SKYWATCH.

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